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4batz – “u made me a st4r” [Album]

4batz u made me a st4r album stream4batz has shared his highly anticipated debut album, titled u made me a st4r. The project comes with 11 songs and a feature from Kanye West.

4batz boasts a distinctive sound that’s instantly recognizable, but it’s his performances on From the Block that really turn heads. Mixing gritty visuals with whispery R&B, they’re practically engineered for virality. In a sea of typical rap video setups and neon pop tracks flooding platforms like TikTok, 4batz’s jarring contrast stands out, inviting reposts and sparking conversation. Whether intentional or not, the unexpected fusion of audio and visuals grabs attention. Reaction streamers like Fanum jump on board, sharing their responses to his videos, which then circulate on TikTok, causing waves of surprise. These clips become fodder for group chats, YouTube reactions, and quote-tweets, creating a self-sustaining cycle where 4batz remains the focal point.

Listen to the full album below:

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