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Australian Music Producer Starting The Conversation About Mental Health

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Griegz and his brand new single titled “My Own Enemy”.

“My Own Enemy” is the latest single to be dropped by upcoming Australian music producer Griegz. With the inspiration for the track coming from his own mental health journey.

“My Own Enemy,” a collaboration with Canadian rapper Nyu Kyung, speaks to the struggles people have with their minds every day while providing an outlet for those who are going through similar challenges. Griegz has said “Mental health is something I have constantly battled, but through my music and the amazing people in my life I have learned how to cope” And he is hoping this song will encourage people to take a moment out of their day for mental wellness by checking in on someone, themselves or starting a conversation about this very important topic. Nyu Kyung’s rap vocals are the highlight of the song, which you can hear articulating a person’s mindset while suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts, while featured artist ARia, adds an emotional touch to the song during the chorus. You can now stream My Own Enemy on all major platforms.

Listen below:

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