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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: 3rdWorld Trap – “Pardon Me”

3rdWorld Trap Pardon Me album streamIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist 3rdWorld Trap and his brand new album titled Pardon Me.

3rdWorld Trap is back with his new album Pardon Me. Originally called Pardon Me for the Delay, this album is this rapper’s own version of Lil Wayne’s 2011 album Sorry 4 the Wait, hindered by a series of unfortunate events. Whilst experiencing delays with artwork, the rapper was involved in a bad accident, and since then the project has changed immensely. Packed with songs about near death experiences, trust issues, love and loyalty, the rapper touches on these topics with thoughtful lyricism and authenticity. With all the tools needed for a talented rapper, 3rdWorld Trap uses this album to show off his best assets and introduce a new sound to hip hop fans everywhere.

3rdWorld Trap is a versatile artist, who combines influences from multiple genres to create his own sound. This 7-track project is the perfect way to learn the young artist know. Press play!

Listen below:

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