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A$CE HIGH Where's A$CE? album streamIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist A$CE HIGH and his brand new project titled Where’s A$CE?.

Introducing us to the newest name on the East Coast US Hip-Hop scene is the emphatic EP Where’s A$CE?, – an 8 track taste of A$CE HIGH’s notably unique sound written across a year long period. Boasting a broad spectrum of songs to delve into, Where’s A$CE?,’ began its writing process over a year ago when A$CE wrote the three staple tracks, “Shooters Shoot,” “On My Grind,” and,”No Vertical,” out of his dorm in Illinois when he first started making music; inspired by recent events in his life, the other songs on the EP including, “The Rich White Neighbors,” and, “Peace of Mind,” chronicle the latest turns in A$CE’s enthralling journey.

There is a wide array of Rap subgenres on show with this EP, heavily nuanced with a strong melodic presence prevalent throughout, making Where’s A$CE?, incessantly infectious, nestled alongside traditional, storytelling Rap bars. Predominantly a solo project other than a couple features from basketball teammates,Where’s A$CE?, was recorded at two different studios across the Indianapolis area with mixing and mastering from Iconmixedit out of CityDump Records and Mitch Lohman out of 416 Wabash recording studio – an unmissable start to what promises to be a prestigious career for A$CE HIGH.

Where’s A$CE? is a dope, versatile project with some smooth songs, real rap bangers and some soulful records. Press play and get a taste of A$CE HIGH’s sound.

Listen below:

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