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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Alpha Centauri – “Get Your Money Up”

Alpha Centauri Get Your Money UpIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Alpha Centauri and his brand new single titled “Get Your Money Up”.

Alpha Centauri is an intriguing new singer and MC that blends genres (funk, hip hop, afrobeat, 90’s r&b, 80’s retro pop) into a swirl of conscious lyrics and catchy sing-out-loud choruses.

Alpha Centauri (real name Sean Chigumba) is originally from Zimbabwe. and was educated (and later worked) as a lawyer. However, soon after passing the bar and becoming licensed in his homeland, he realized that
the legal life was not the right fit for him. He changed gears. He instead got on a plane for Canada with the plan of giving his music career a serious shot.

The new single “Get Your Money Up” is a funked up anthem about making your dreams become a reality – about showing up and putting one foot in front of the other to move forward. ALPHA explains: ”There are a lot of people that do nothing more than brag about their goals and dreams – but 80% of it is fabricated. This song is about seriously pursuing your dream – whether it’s music, the arts, a side hustle, education, or a life goal. Nothing happens unless you put the effort into it over the long term. There are no cheat codes to success in the real world”.

“Get Your Money Up” is both an optimistic blueprint to following your dreams and a biographic tale of ALPHA CENTAURI’s own ambition to get to this point in his music career. The track also features backing vocals by Zimbabwe singer Aura Ariko (now based in Edmonton), DMC champion scratch artist DJ ALL GOOD, Vancouver jazz sax man Dominic Conway, and renowned Vancouver reggae/dub/ska musicians Cuyler Biller (guitar) and Richard Brown (drums) amongst a handful of other musicians playing on the track.

“Get Your Money Up’ is AAlpha Centauri’s 2nd single release on the Roque Planet label in advance of his spring 2024 debut album. Six more singles are planned leading up to the album’s spring release.

Listen below:

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