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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: André Malone – “You Don’t Want It”

André Malone You Don't Want It album streamIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to artist André Malone and his brand new album titled You Don’t Want It.

Rap’s authentic figure André Malone drops his latest album You Don’t Want It to unleash his skillset and take a stand against today’s injustices. Around a year in the making, this album aims to enlighten listeners with fierce instrumentals and powerful motivational lyricsm involving the current social and political injustices we face. Malone cycles through backstabbing friends, walking through life alone, and his continuous vision to fight the power with his community:

“This call is for the ghetto soldiers, Mad becuz we want a change, They think they got us scared to stand, And fight ’em for the finer thangs” – ‘Peasant to King’
“Can even – build our own companies, And maximize – our own profits (get money), So let’s – destroy their agenda, Make sure it – never recover (forreal)”
– Let’s Get It Poppin’

As we move through You Don’t Want It we are brought to influential collaborators such as Jon Connor in “My Journey”, as well as Krayzie Bone and Twista in “Wit Dat Chopper”, adding that extra dose of talent to the project. As well as dedicating the track to his late mother, André also thanks the teams at Anno Domini Nation, Legion Beats, and The Saltmine Recording Studio Oasis, for bringing the album to life in all its glory. Now that it’s ready to share, an accompanying music video is on the way as a final addition, allowing listeners to discover the project on a visual level. You Don’t Want It from André Malone has it all, from action-packed beats to insightful bars and catchy hooks.

We really like André Malone’s versatile sound on this project, including the latin vibes. It comes with some modern, catchy records, some real hip-hop bangers and some smooth songs. This one will definitely be on repeat this week!

Listen to the full project below:

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