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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Artur – “The Council Of Nine”

Artur The Council Of NineIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Artur and his brand new single titled “The Council Of Nine”.

“The Council Of Nine” single is a collaboration with the High Arcturian Council of Light, which is of assistance by facilitating transmissions from the Council of Saturn. The channeled, written transmission, the artwork by Stacy Mc Ardle, as well as the recording itself hold time-coded DNA activations.

The Tipping Of The Scales
At a time when Earth is beginning to experience more and more of the idea of alignment with the Council of Nine, through the idea of alignment with the rings of Saturn, it is our highest excitement to co-create with you in evermore conscious ways the idea of time, setting this way the stage for the idea of a time that is the year of 2025, which carries the frequency of 9.

As a physical reflection of the human collective consciousness coming to a reckoning,this alignment, when Saturn will be edge-on in alignment with Earth, is reflective of a strong window of opportunity to come into a better understanding of and alignment with one’s soul purpose, one’s higher-self, one’s greater being.

31 years into this Great Shift on the planet and the 2nd year after the passing through the eye of the needle (2025) Earth will be showered head on with the energies and frequencies of the council.

This will, of course, bleed over into the idea of the third year (2026), and this experience of coming to a recognition of one’s own divinity, of the God within, will become more easily accessible to the people of Earth.

This is due, of course, to a tipping of the scales, as more and more people are awakening to their own multidimensionality, shifting the entire human collective consciousness in this way to become more lucid in its physical dream,  awakening itself from its coma.

Listen to the song below:

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