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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: AUS10 – “Matter Of Fact”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist AUS10 and his brand new project titled Matter Of Fact.

First off, AUS10 would like to introduce himself:

My name is Austin Windom, AUS10 is my stage name. I am an independent Hip-Hop/Rap artist, label owner & entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA. I have been making rap music since i was about 14 years of age, back when i used to stay in the South Central Los Angeles area. Over the years I’ve gone on to create multiple mixtapes, videos and I have performed & funded my own performances in multiple locations around Los Angeles, Miami & Atlanta while balancing day to day life. In Los Angeles I’ve performed at venues such as the Belasco Theatre, which was one of my larger venues in my experience and many other smaller venues around Los Angeles, Downtown LA, Hollywood etc. I have also performed in Atlanta inside of the Black Ink Crew’s tattoo shop which was very exciting, as well as in Miami at “MIAMI LIVE” which was also a great experience. Since I’ve begun this journey in music I’ve always had an ear for creating the type of lyrics over beats that seems to sit very well with the listener, which has only grown to become more prominent as I continue to work on my craft. I am very proud of that. This body of work here, titled MATTER OF FACT is my most recent creation, that over the course of my life experience I’ve been able to create and I am sure will encapsulate everything I mentioned in my last sentences leading into this one. I would like to humbly present this to you.

Listen to the full project below:

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