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In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist B.A.X and his second feature titled “ONE MORE”.

¨ONE MORE¨ was written and recorded when Ben Ackerley, and not the artist, was at a place in his life where he felt calm and at ease. ¨‘ONE MORE’ reflects on a chapter in my life that I had buried a long time ago¨.

Music is an art form, and a creative way to express yourself. ¨ONE MORE¨ expresses my feelings from that period in my life, and possibly my feelings in this period of my life. The listeners may be the judge of that one!

¨ONE MORE¨ contains a story to be told, and a hand written lyrical video is what it needs. This video will be released on the same day as the track. Stay tuned!

Listen below:

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