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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: BermudaCal – “Wait Up For Me”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist BermudaCal and his brand new single titled “Wait Up For Me”.

BermudaCal is a musician from Bermuda who mix his love for jazz with his talent for rap. On this track, he did everything himself (playing the saxophone, produced the beat, wrote lyrics and mixed & mastered).

“Wait Up For Me” is a perfect representation of his love for Hip-Hop and his kinda laid back rapping style and combining it with his love for jazz.

BermudaCal is a musician with a maths and economics degree but dropped out to pursue his music passion. He has played saxophone for around 12 years and is always looking to incorporate his saxophone or give a jazz vibe in his music.
He takes influences from a plethora of artists, the main ones including Post Malone, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller, Anderson .Paak and many other jazz musicians such as Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, and Charlie Parker.

Listen to “Wait Up For Me” below:

One Comment

  1. G Mac
    G Mac May 11, 2020

    Great tune, expecting big things from this young lad!

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