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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: B~Free – “This Could Be Us”

B~Free This Could Be UsIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist B~Free and her brand new single titled “This Could Be Us”.

Following the success of an early summer song release & viral TikTok flute video – supported by Lizzo herself, Multifaceted Milwaukee-based singer, songwriter, producer & musician B~Free sets sights on her next single and music video, “This Could Be Us,” out on all streaming services.

With dreamy synths, guitar & melodies supported by 808s & a buoyant groove, Free’s self-penned & produced track marries the sounds of contemporary R&B with that of the mid-2000s, while paying homage to the common struggles of dating in the Millennial age.

“The idea for the song actually stems from an open facebook post I made earlier in the year,” Free shares on the origins of the concept. “I knew that there was a common disdain for what it’s like todate within this specific age group. The skewed views on commitment, ghosting & lack of consistency; I encouraged my friends to use the comments of my status as a safe venting space.”

That they did, & the ending result came in the form of a sharp, vibrant & expressive tune. From the opening lines, “2:30 in the morning & I think I’m going crazy / ‘cause I been drinkin, I been thinkin how you steady playin’ in my face,” the fresh warmth of Free’s dulcet voice sets the tone of a woman setting boundaries for respect within her “situationship.” The vibe continues with playful hook lyrics, “I sent a meme ‘bout how this could be us, but you don’t get it / ‘cause you’d rather be on that stupid stuff, than stay comitted.”

Listen below:

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