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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Brandon Vee – “Java Love”

Brandon Vee Java LoveIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Brandon Vee and his brand new single titled “Java Love”.

R&B Singer-Songwriter Brandon Vee drops his new single, “Java Love. The song’s overarching theme connects the concept of coffee to men and women of color. Some of the chorus lyrics read:

“Java love (oh yeah oh yeah). I need your Java love. Melanin my medicine. Everything I love it when. I need that. I love that. Gimme your Java love.”

The lyrics, “Coffee you are my happiness straight black with no additives’ and ‘Caution that you’re hot, but I know you’re not, they just want to put the label on” stand out to me. They point to the notion of media continuously trying to take women of color and make them ‘palatable’ for others by lightening their skin, hiding their curves, or altering how they speak.”
– R&B Artist, Brandon Vee, on the meaning behind lyrics of “Java Love”

Vee describes that as a Black and Latino man, “Being accepted in certain situations such as intimacy, but just as easily being dismissed in other scenarios” is a vicious cycle that society has supported time and time again. The lyrical metaphor in “Java Love” highlights the societal issue of hyper-sexualization in the media, especially for women of color.” Vee goes on to explain that often, “…Women of color get labeled as ‘sassy’ or ‘angry black women’ when they try to express themselves or stand up for themselves. My goal for this new single was to empower women of color and remind them that they seen, heard, acknowledged, and celebrated from one person of color to another.”

Listen to “Java Love” below:

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