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CCA Jonas 8lanco BESTIEIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artists CCA Jonas and 8lanco and their brand new single titled “BESTIE”.

The young artists CCA Jonas (17) and 8lanco (18) have in a short time marked themselves
as pioneering artists from rainy Bergen. Not only because they immeasurably go against all
the currents about Norwegian-speaking rap that most of Bergen’s local rap artists choose,
but also because it is hard to imagine that such young talents from Norway, seamlessly and
effortlessly, match the top percentile in the international hip -hop market.

Now the two young friends are releasing a collab summer project called SUNSET 18;
“Ever since we met through school a little over a year ago, we have wanted to create a
project together and this summer is a perfect opportunity to do just that. Together we have
made an EP with 3 songs that we think are perfect for the summer of 2021. Music is
something we think can help people get out of the difficult periods we have been in. We want
to create a good atmosphere for people’s everyday life, something I think many people miss
these days.” CCA Jonas & 8lanco

“BESTIE” is the first song out from the project, what is it about?

“Due to corona, people have not been able to experience a normal summer as they are used
to. What kind of 18-year-olds do not want to make the most of their summer? Especially if
we can share it with others! This is something we and our peers miss, and hope we get back
this summer. This involves partying, being with friends, doing fun activities, meeting new
people, etc. Therefore, we tried to recreate “the perfect summer day” with this song. This
perfect day involves a beach, jet skiing, friends, sun, and partying. Everyone leaves previous
problems behind when entering a perfect summer mood. – CCA Jonas & 8lanco

Listen and watch below:

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