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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Chris Cachia – “Persona”

Chris Cachia Persona album streamPoetic and prolific, Chris Cachia returns to our ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ category with his latest album, Persona.

Right away, Cachia brings the heat: the album begins with the hard-hitting “Abundant Bank.” Utilizing a simultaneously futuristic yet old-school flow, the track depicts the outlaw and out-of-place loner who will do whatever is necessary to provide for himself and his family. From there, each song on the LP creates an overarching story that builds a world — through clever lyricism and polished cadences — that includes stories of the outlaw overcoming, repenting, and triumphing. No stranger to the idea that “art is pain,” Cachia uses his music to convey an uplifting message to his growing fan base.

Persona is available everywhere you buy and stream music, and besides the album playlist on Spotify (below), you can check-out a lyric video for “Abundant Bank” below:

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