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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Chris Cachia – “Thirteen (Thoughts)”

Chris Cachia returns to our ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ category with his latest single, “Thirteen (Thoughts)”.

The driving yet mysterious-sounding track is the first single off his latest project, a 13-track LP entitled My Re:Collection. Along with the lead single, My Re:Collection compiles a trilogy of previous EPs – My Resolve, My Diagnosis, and My Addiction – to create a full narrative rooted in possibility, nourished through daring, and developed through survival. This collection was first conceived after managing a particularly challenging period of obsessive-compulsive disorder and advances the need to create as a means to address mental health and social justice concerns.

My Re:Collection is available everywhere you buy and stream music, you can listen to “Thirteen (Thoughts)” on SoundCloud and watch the video for the new track on YouTube.

Listen and watch below:

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