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CTB Come & GoIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist CTB and his brand new single titled “Come & Go”.

The new hit single “Come & Go” from talented Norwegian artist CTB falls into the emerging sub-genre of Melodic Drill – a branch of the ‘Rap Tree’ gaining more and more traction particularly in the UK. “Come & Go” flaunts an ingenious blend of musical flavours taken from a diverse span of sonic soundscapes: a legato, emotively powerful violin line paired with minor, gentle piano chords and layered with driving 808s, kick drum and trap hi hat trills.

The single exudes an undeniably positive & uplifting energy which suitably crescondos gradually as the song progresses to end with a rousing finish. ‘Come & Go’ came from an emotionally personal & organic place as summarised by CTB himself – ‘having a heartbreak, going through hard times in life and realising how fake some friends could really be, I thought of turning this into an art; a way of pouring out my feelings and a therapy for me.’ This is what makes the release so remarkable and the pure, vulnerable place it was fabricated in adds a further string to its bow – the sound of the future of Drill music.

“Come & Go” comes with a modern soulful beat over which CTB spits some hard lyrics in his great flow. His dope accent makes his sound really unique. We love this record.

Listen below:

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