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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Darius Martin feat. Story. – “Options”

Darius Martin Story. OptionsIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Darius Martin and his brand new single titled “Options” featuring Story.

“Options” is the new single from Los Angeles based R&B meets pop artist Darius Martin. “Options” features enigmatic R&B artist Story., and instantly pulls the listener in with a smooth hook and enticing lyrics. Poking holes in the overstimulation of modern romance, Darius confides, “it’s a record that speaks to dating in a social media driven world. Both men and women are constantly bombarded with dating options on the gram.”

Over dreamy beats and lavish cascades of piano, Darius Martin captains the track with rich textural vocals. The track is brimming with energy, hitting all the dopamine centers with iridescent sonics and decadent lyrics. The accompanying music video is sublimely sensual, with shots of Darius Martin serenading his love interest over a massage table, riding side by side in a sports car, and dancing through the hallways of a luxurious mansion.

Writing about the beauty and struggles found in life, Darius Martin aims to connect with his listeners on a deep level and takes from real life experiences and contrasting perspectives to highlight “the good, bad, and in between.” After getting his degree from the Los Angeles Film Institute, Darius Martin took to the recording studio to begin creating his sonic world. An abstract thinker, Martin toes the line of genre between hip-hop, alt R&B, and undertones of pop. “Options Ft. Story.” is his latest release, further immersing his audience in his imaginative universe.

Listen and watch below:

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