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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: David Davenchy – “Ocean”

 David Davenchy OceanIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist David Davenchy and his brand new single titled “Ocean”.

If you’re looking for a Diamond in the Rough, look no further. Upcoming hip-hop & R&B artist/ producer David Davenchy, is taking the air waves with his new song “Ocean”. David is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and has done various records for artist in his hometown and is now branching out to develop his own artistry. The hip-hop scene is growing in this small state and David is right in the mix of it. Since he’s started 6 years ago he’s released a multitude of tracks for other artist as well a limited amount for himself. Each and every year he’s continued to drop hits and in progress in his music. Now he’s steadily climbing the radios , Spotify playlist and YouTube channels. “This is the song that is shifting my music career”. A quote specifically from David Davenchy.

Listen below:

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