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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: dom – “With You In My Way”

dom With You In My WayIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist dom a.k.a. meiamdom and his brand new single titled “With You In My Way”.

Emerging R&B artist/singer/songwriter/producer dom (dominick mirando) from Hamilton, New Jersey blends current production with Mariah Carey/Michael Jackson/Whitney Houston influence to create timeless music that will continue to help people due to the highly relatable lyrical content. From the age of 3, dom has been singing and listening to music that encourages positive messages (The Beatles, Mariah Carey, JoJo Levesque), eventually starting to have his own melodies come to his head during high school. After recovering from years of trauma, he started recording, writing, and producing his debut album in his dorm room at age 19.

dom’s music is intended to soothe the soul, and help any person of any age learn valuable lessons; dom intently focuses on keeping purity in music. “Just Run With Me” is the debut single from dom, which he started writing in high school, co-produced by Levandé, which has sparked quite a bit of attention online due to its strong message of love and positivity, as well as the catchy heavily Mariah Carey influenced “Why Not Try?” about a bad “situationship” and a lack of mutual effort. dom definitely has a unique twist to his music and his voice is something special and inspirational that the world should hear.

On February 15, 2023, dom released “With You In My Way” (written & engineered by dom) co-produced by Roman Ricardo, a fellow college student of dom’s at Rowan University, a smooth and gorgeous mid-tempo R&B track with a happy vibe but more sad and reflective lyrical content. The song is about the leading up to an end of a relationship and breaking down all day and night over it, getting over it and then still loving that person who isn’t good for you unconditionally for eternity. “You made me something nobody else did, regardless of the hardships that I face, day to day with you in my way, with you in my way…”

dom has collected over 300,000 overall streams & views on all platforms, including through TikTok where a clip of him singing with Tamar Braxton to Mariah Carey’s “Hero” has over 21k views and on top of that, the same moment was aired on Mariah Carey’s Christmas special for millions viewed on CBS/MTV/Paramount+, etc. With hundreds of listeners on Apple Music, ranging from across the U.S. to Japan to Africa to the UK, to Germany, the Philippines, India, Brazil and more, dom hopes to tour someday, and wants the world to know that everyone should feel accepted no matter who they are.

Listen below:

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