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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Drazmatik – “Play It By Ear”

Drazmatik Play It By Ear

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Drazmatik and his brand new album titled Play It By Ear.

This incredible 8 track project is born from the mind of remarkably talented Drazmatk whose prolific mind has also produced numerous other hits such as the distinct, “Da Last Of Us”. Taking his precious time to carefully curate each and every track on the album, Drazmatik set out with the intent of addressing the ‘real-life’ issues which he has first hand experience of as he shows us a better understanding of the life of Drazmatik and, “what it’s like where I come from, Trenton New Jersey”.

Each and every track is drenched in a sound of raw authenticity and brings back the sample-driven sound of prime 90s HipHop made famous by iconic names such as Nas and A Tribe Called Quest. With a straightforward recording process described by Drazmatik as a “piece of cake”, each song only took a few takes for him to master the sound he was aiming for and the whole album was recorded at the prestigious Skylab recording studio in New Jersey. Play It By Ear, is a crucially unmissable masterpiece which successfully reaches every crevice of a quintessential HipHop soundscape.

Play It By Ear is a really versatile album. It contains some chill tunes, some club bangers and tracks with a dope, classic hip-hop vibes. This one is going to be on repeat for the week and we are looking forward to Drazmatik’s future releases.

Listen to the full project below:

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