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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: DREgottheBLUES – “King Pleasure”

DREgottheBLUES King Pleasure EP streamIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist DREgottheBLUES and his brand new EP titled King Pleasure.

DREgottheBLUES, a tenured wordsmith from Connecticut, is an accomplished performer, well-versed in the worlds of acting, songwriting, spoken word & creative direction. This multi-hyphenate is actively carving his name on the caves within this ecosystem we call Hip Hop. Once a wide-eyed 11 year old searching for a means of expression, Blue has since transfigured his voice into a collection of raw textured & sophisticated flows often accompanied by transcendent neo-soul/jazz-driven instrumentals.

In the past decade, one may have found themselves lucky enough to witness Blue’s electric live performance at one of many venues across NYC, where he’s spent much of his adulthood. His insatiable desire to connect with others using music as a tool has raised enough brows to sell out crowds at Soho House affiliates (Dumbo & Ludlow) and land him on bills at historic venues such as Bowery Electric & The Bushnell in Hartford, CT.

Some would consider DREgottheBLUES a proponent of self-help music. On his first single, “Cruisin’”, he rhymes, “Tell me who you was before the world told you who you should be because I promise, it ain’t nothing like me.” This seems to be the consensus when you ask someone about the budding artist. They speak to his vulnerability and an innate sense of fearlessness when creating. He wears his heart on his chain, as a boisterous reminder that good things come to those who stay true.

Seemingly, the most attention drawing song from his recent EP, King Pleasure, “Patagonia Flow” cuts through with its raw honesty accompanied by electric piano staccatos, and immersive low end frequencies creating a keen sense of nostalgia and triumph. Dre was inspired by Jean Michel-Basquiat’s most recent exhibit in NYC, a biographical experience removing the late artist’s pedestal and touching on his most human characteristics/experiences reminding Dre that not all that glitter is gold. A music video for Patagonia Flow is currently in production and expected to release in September of 2023.

Listen to the full project below:

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