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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: I Born feat. Saigon & The Street Deacon Wise – “None of Your Bizness”

I Born Saigon The Street Deacon Wise None of Your BiznessIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist I Born and his brand new single titled “None of Your Bizness” featuring Saigon and The Street Deacon Wise.

Finishing off the year with his new single “None of your Bizness”, I Born of Mount Vernon drops gems for hip hop fans everywhere. Produced by Heatmakerz, the soulful beat allows all three emcees to storytell their lives through profound lyrics. Through catchy references like “I am to Mount Vernon what The Lox is to Yonkers,” the rapper pays homage to past emcees while showing his position of importance.

The knowledge in this song is raw and honest. The song talks about how you can’t allow your own emotions to overcome your intelligence or else you’ll be in situations that don’t pertain to you. Each verse is packed with wisdom that every listener can learn from. Along with the brilliant song comes a snippet of the upcoming visual that is soon to be released.

Listen to the song and check out the music video below:

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