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IAMSUUBI Got Me Trippin'In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist IAMSUUBI and his brand new single titled “Got Me Trippin'”.

IAMSUUBI’s brand new single, “Got Me Trippin'”, combines his passion for expanding his artistic boundaries with influences from his younger years. The single’s musical stylings include R&B type songwriting, futuristic synths, and captivating sensual melodies.

The Ugandan-born artist has worked closely with upcoming producer, Kaan Kara, to create a meld of electronic-based sounds with raw R&B melodies, that give an overall warmth to this extremely diverse body of work. IAMSUUBI carries what he represents throughout the production of this brand new release. Influences from his younger years cover the likes of J. Cole, Frank Ocean, Notorious BIG and many more.

The new single is introduced by a glowing, atmospheric piano which imbues the vibe for the track. As the vocals fade in, IAMSUUBI takes you on a hypnotic journey accentuated by the sensual and climatic female-backing vocals, creating the scene for the chaotic entanglement between the artist and the subject of the song. Vocal delays create an almost out-of-body experience before the drop detonates with a hard-hitting bass line and synth chords that unite the overall production.

As part of his new signing with ENTT Management, the singer-songwriter-rapper will be releasing a 6- track EP that will bring an almost definite “shock factor” to his core followers and capture the attention of a new audience that wants to be presented with a diverse, personable, and invigorating piece of music. “Got Me Trippin’” is the debut single towards this currently unannounced EP Dear London.

Listen below:

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