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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: J Spaz – “Thinkin Bout Us”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist J Spaz and his brand new single titled “Thinkin Bout Us”.

Every hit single released from the trending Philadelphia artist J Spaz, has been holding thousands of fans spellbound. He’s a young man with outstanding talent, exceptional skills, and a strong desire to take charg in hiphop & R&B artists in todays industry are doing all kinds of amazing things, to keep viewers hooked on independent content but one thing J spaz has that makes him stands out from the crowd is, his gifted creative ability to craft projects with a combination of sounds, as a musical mastermind who always has a powerful message behind his deep melodic and hardcore approach towards music.

With incredible production skills to match his singing, J Spaz truly embodies the dynamic spirit of the modern-day millennial. Truly living out to his nickname as the Greatest of all times or the Goat as seen on his official Instagram Account as J_spaz_thegoat, He always controls the third eyes of listeners with his stylish and highly melodic vocals. Spaz is fastly becoming a powerful and unique piece to the music industry and many expect him to be one of the few Highly talented artists lead the game in the near future.

The artist currently has two projects and five known singles: “Ghetto news”, “The Goat”, “Medusa”, “Thinkin Bout Us” and “AP”, which all are already gaining massive views and streams on social media and music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. These are songs that will hit anyone right in the soul from the first word on the beat.

The artist did magnificent work with the two songs working with powerfully dynamic beats and a seriously stunning design to the atmospheric vibes. J spaz is a American musical artist from Philadelphia. Throughout his adult years, he has been Crafting the blueprints for Now Playing Digital Records llc with editing music video on his spear time and latter becoming ceo, and a musical titans of the industry, He invites everyone in the world who enjoys great music and unique artistic creativity to Join him as he rises through the ranks to dominate the scene with his unorthodox style and music perspective, along with savagely unfiltered lyricism.

Listen to “Thinkin Bout Us” below:

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