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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Jo-Bread feat. Heez Karter – “Buckroll”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Jo-Bread and her brand new single titled “Buckroll” featuring Heez Karter.

The Bronx, NY Rapper Jo- Bread may be fresh to the digital space but not new to the music scene. Jo- Bread was always known in The Bronx for being someone that you don’t play within the streets most importantly he has a big heart and connects with his community. With the help of his management Bread Gang aka Miggz the CEO of WestFordhamBoyz and his representative Publicist Avery “Msartistry” Watson from MultiArtistryEnt who was a day supporter of Jo- Bread’s career. 

Jo-Bread, Jovan Quintana aka Jo-Bread has felt the slight touch of success and the sting of losing it all. Being an interest to labels at the young age of 19 with a single, “Money Ova Everythin”, on U.S. radios. Dabbling in a lifestyle that was a determent to his career and learning from those experiences he had a drive that would not allow anything to stand in his way. With a new single “Buckroll” alongside fellow artist Heez Karter hitting all DSPs, rolling out their collab EP SPOOKY HRS should be fun to watch. Jo-Bread will continue to prove he is a chameleon in his musical sound and can transform his delivery to whatever fits his mood. He is a true musical artist and the hip-hop community will be made aware of his talents.

The bottom never has courage they may be afraid to reach up and the powerful may be reluctant to reach down. But Jo- Bread and his team would be considered the underdogs that continue to connect major dots behind the music scene for years. Now, putting his best foot forward with his new release of “Buckroll” Bronx native rapper Jo- Bread featuring Heez Karter.

Listen below:

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