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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Johvoni – “Come Over To My Place”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Johvoni and her brand new single titled “Come Over To My Place”.

The R&B track contains every element to get listeners grooving and romantic. “Come Over To My Place” takes the listener on a musical journey where Johvoni showcases her artistic versatility infusing a nostalgic R&B style with a modern pop vibe. The emotion-drenched vocals and atmospheric instrumentation seamlessly work together for a must-listen record. “Come Over To My Place” contains sensual lyricism that will hook the listener, due to the captivating story-telling. The soothing beat and melodic elements give the vocal an intimate, passionate feeling. With a mesmerizing style, the 60-year-old artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-quality music, supporting the fact that she is set to make a prominent impact on the music industry. This release is a testament to Johvoni’s versatility as a musician and her innate talent.

Listen below:

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