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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Justice Samari – “It’s Me”

Justice Samari It's MeIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Justice Samari and his brand new single titled “It’s Me”.

Following the release of his polyphonic recent single, Shots – which received media recognition from outlets such as Bleu Magazine – Justice Samari is back again with a new single from his artistic ecosystem titled ‘It’s Me’ that energizes the Hip-Hop soul, with a fluid, meditative sound driven with inspiration from the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Jay Z, J-Cole, Scarface, and more.

Justice Samari is a euphonious storyteller, whose effortless cadences and honest expression emphasize his strong emotion and presence. His music is an audible synthesis of the versatile influences of Hip Hop, R&B, Blues, Funk, and Soul, and speaks to the deeper levels of vulnerabilities we as people engage on our journey of life, and eternal discovery.

Justice has also recently cultivated a new thrilling cooking show ‘Can’t Believe It’s Not Crack’ that dives into deep conversation while unveiling natural culinary skills.
Since then, Justice Samari has continued to pursue displaying a diversified portfolio of unveiling his genius through the creative lenses of music, entertainment, and his progressive social presence. Now, growing further into his purpose, here’s yet another exhibit of his acrobatic artistry with this most recent release – “It’s Me”.

Listen and watch below:

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