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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: K Reese – “K.R.E.A.M.” + “Shameless”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist K Reese and his brand new singles titled “K.R.E.A.M.” and “Shameless”.

Quote from the artist on “K.R.E.A.M.”: “This song reflects ‘Kash Rules Everything Around Me,’ with a double meaning in terms of money and myself. As much as cash rules the world, I’m also the centre of my world as well as my fans; world. This song depicts that I’m the don and those around me know and believe in that.”

Quote from the artist on “Shameless”: “This song is reminiscent of Chris Brown’s ‘Privacy’; where I sing about getting a woman to her climax. This will be on all the females’ sex playlist because it’ll put you in the mood to find your lover and show her how you’re going to make her feel good in the bedroom.”

Listen to both songs below:

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