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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Kartell feat. Poté – “Quest (Real Love)”

Kartell Poté Quest Real LoveIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Kartell and his brand new single titled “Quest (Real Love)” featuring Poté.

French producer/DJ Kartell unveils the fourth single, ‘Quest’ featuring Poté, from his upcoming album EVERYTHING IS HERE, set to drop on May 31st under the esteemed Roche Musique label, and accompanied by an official video.

Teaming up with Poté, known for seamlessly blending Caribbean rhythms with poignant songwriting, Kartell continues to expand his sonic palette. The collaboration intertwines Kartell’s signature analog synth textures and funk-infused beats with Poté’s emotive vocals, promising a captivating listening experience. The track follows the success of “Space Odyssey”, “Mars” and “No Escape”.

EVERYTHING IS HERE stands as Kartell’s debut full-length album, boasting guest appearances by Tkay Maizda, Barney Bones, Kurtis Wells, and more luminaries. Embarking on a voyage through space and time, the album draws inspiration from the esoteric realms of prog rock and the wistful nuances of psychedelia. Merging these influences with the accessibility of French electronic music and the infectious rhythms of R&B and disco, the album captures the intoxicating sensation of contemplation.

“Quest (Real Love)” by Kartell featuring Poté is a mesmerizing collaboration that seamlessly blends Kartell’s signature analog synth textures and funk-infused beats with Poté’s emotive vocals. The track offers a captivating listening experience, promising a journey through space and time. With its Caribbean rhythms and poignant songwriting, “Quest” stands out as a testament to Kartell’s ability to expand his sonic palette while staying true to his unique sound. As we eagerly await the release of the full album, “Quest (Real Love)” leaves us craving more of Kartell’s intoxicating blend of electronic music, R&B, and disco rhythms.

Listen and watch below:

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