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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Lish 2X – “Baking Soda”

Lish 2X Baking Soda videoIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Lish 2X and her brand new single titled “Baking Soda”.

Lish 2X an independent hip-hop / pop Star, web series producer/ personality, and published model. The New Female Rap Phenomenon! Hip-hop fans are craving something different, and Lish 2X is it! Bringing a unique flavor to entertainment, The Fashion Institute of Technology alumni infuses fashion by mixing bars about the art world, style, and hip-hop. Visually translating the three in her new music videos shows no skin but layers of creativity and positivity.

Lish 2X new single “Baking Soda” is a high-energy, trash-talking single for those who don’t live up to being dope in real life! Lish 2X has been seen on the blogs in recent weeks discussing how she doesn’t believe in 50/50 relationships between women and men causing a little stir-up in the comment section and here’s her clap back! Lish is no stranger to speaking on her traditional values in her music, as she did with her previous single “Cant Wear My Crown”, also produced by Ali The Greatest, where she speaks about requiring marriage and provisions AhhhKayyy (Lish 2X Voice).

She often says, “Being feminine is my way of thanking God for making me a woman, and feminine is a great adjective for the young rapper indeed.” Lish is anything, but the jaded monotonous norms of female rap and her songs speak volumes to the journey throughout womanhood.

Listen and watch below:

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