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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Margaritavillain – “Tiz Christmas”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Margaritavillain and his brand new single titled “Tiz Christmas”.

Margaritavillain has comically censored out the one and only curse word from his outlandish 2020 debut “Tiz Christmas” to make this version of the holiday rap “family friendly”. The new album art goes along with the concept of censorship. A dark comedic Christmascarol with a bizarre combination of genres, including rap, gospel, holiday, humour, war, political and the rap subgenre horrorcore, “Tiz Christmas” comes from the ever unique voice that is Margaritavillain. This Christmas song is so good it had to be released twice… just one year after it’s original release. Clevely subtle wordplay delivers a dark wit that we don’t often associate with the most ‘wonderful’ time of the year. Undeniably catchy, “Tiz Christmas” is now safe for radio play and family events with this new censored version of the track.

Packed with fascinating metaphors and slick double entendres, Margaritavillain’s lyrics are composed with complex multi-syllable rhyme schemes, impressively often rhyming entire sentences, to paint a vivid picture of his darkly comedic view of the Christmas holiday while commenting on religion, war, politics and hypocrisy throughout. While as usual all the lyrics were written by Margaritavillain, he recruited the wonderfully talented singer, and frequent collaborator, The Syrin to perform the beautiful but slyly twisted chorus that evolves, or devolves, throughout the song.

Margaritavillain’s first LP is set to debut sometime in 2022 and promises to be unlike anything heard before.

Listen below:

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