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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: MeshMoney – “Calypso”

MeshMoney CalypsoIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist MeshMoney and his brand new single titled “Calypso”.

Meshayl Chism “Meshmony”, born and raised in Israel, has a history of profound accomplishments within the musical arts. He increased in prominence and distinction when he reached the live stage of X Factor (Israel) its first season. As a music producer, singer, and songwriter Meshayl has already performed around the world. “My dream is to be one of the greatest producers ever seen. My goal is to have a music label, so I can give opportunities to other artists like me shine”, he often says.

Today, Meshayl has an ever growing followership on social media as well as the metrics and analytics to back his extraordinary sound. Meshayl is poised for a meteoric rise within the international Music Industry through his debut EP

His new single “Calypso” is an afrobeat style track, mainly for dancing. It’s a song about love between a man and a God woman, called “Calypso”. It’s vibe is different and it’s definitely for both women and men. It speaks a international language. “Calypso” is a single from his upcoming EP, which will be titled Pieces Of Me.

Listen below:

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