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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Monee – “Naw, I Still Want That Bitch”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Monee and his brand new album titled Naw, I Still Want That Bitch.

Monee is a producer, rapper, and engineer from Lansing, Michigan. He has always been passionate about music and the arts, and has love for anybody pushing themselves to create, which is why he founded the recording label Our M.O.M.E.N.T. Recordings.

Since dropping his debut EP Feelings You’ll Never Get Back, Monee has expanded his catalog and demonstrated his versatility as an artist with singles such as “New New,” featuring Sky G, and “Out My Element,” as well as his project “PrivatePartyMonee.” His music features themes such as heart break, toxicity, self-destruction, pain, and the search for happiness that stem from what he describes as his introverted and reclusive lifestyle.

“Just be yourself… life is way simpler and happy that way.” ~ Monee

Listen to the full project below:

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