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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Pro Material – “Switch It Up”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming duo Pro Material and their brand new single titled “Switch It Up”.

Independent rap duo Pro Material stands by their recent single “Switch It Up” as it makes ripples of sweet noise through hip hop. Gilz and Banks merge their creative styles showcasing melodic hip hop with heavy hitting bars, to meet at the paradigm of rap lyricism.

This single has proved its timelessness as it gives something for listeners to bob their heads to. Their chemistry is marked by their contrasting styles and gives an undertone of a cipher. The bars Pro Material drop in SWITCH IT UP speak to the honest pursuit of a woman through a poetic account. Gilz takes to the first verse to spit melodic rhymes about their relationship:

“I got her vibin, got her subscribing, I got the wine and she sippin up.
I’m in her mind and she in denial when I ain’t replying or picking.
I’m never sliding or tripping up. 
They should co-sign how I give it up. 
They on the pine while I’m livin up. 
It’s a surprise if it isn’t us.”

Pro Material’s flows are experimental in nature and pay homage to all aspects of the genre, pulling from past and present. Even the hook, styled from classic chants, takes a new purpose and pulls the single together at both ends.

Banks shares, “This is what it sounds like when you switch it up. Stop playin with us—we different!”

The single appears on Pro Material’s project ETHOS.

Listen below:

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