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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: qu – “tender”

qu tenderIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist qu and his brand new single titled “tender”.

Vietnamese-German producer and artist, qu, is stepping into the limelight with the release of his debut single “tender” via Kabul Fire Records on all major streaming platforms.

“tender” marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in qu’s career, offering listeners a glimpse into his unique musical universe. In qu’s own words, “‘tender’ is about the small nuances, if you pay attention.” He elaborates, “I made this song in summer 2022, right after the covid pandemic ‘officially’ ended. I finally got to build & move into my own studio. I feel like, at least for me, there was a sense of ‘new freedom’ or at least optimism – a new start. I was making music every single day. IAMNOBODI, a fellow producer homie, sent me a bunch of sample & melody ideas. And the piano chords you’ll hear in the song called ‘tender’ inspired me a lot from his ideas. So I took the sample and made ‘tender.'”

Regarding the single artwork, qu reflects, “You know, when you grow up and you’re old enough to analyze & realize certain relationships you have to your close family members or friends, you tend to think they had been a certain way all your life. I always had a certain perspective on my dad, cause of certain situations that inevitably define that perspective I had of him, without getting into much detail. And then I discovered that old picture, when I was a child. Maybe 3 years old, when I couldn’t analyze or realize anything consciously at all. It’s just him holding me in a picture. A tender relation.”

Despite maintaining a low profile in terms of solo releases, qu’s influence and collaborations extend far beyond Germany, having worked with talents from London to L.A., including producers for Kendrick Lamar, 6lack, SiR, and Isaiah Rashad. At just 25 years old, qu’s journey into producing and songwriting stemmed from his classical guitar training, a background that infuses his productions with organic instrumentation, setting him apart from conventional beatmakers.

Signed to Germany’s renowned Kabul Fire Records, founded by Farhot (known for his work with Giggs, Isaiah Rashad, Nneka, and Nas), qu is forging an unconventional path. His upcoming debut album promises to serve as a sonic mood board, introducing qu as an artist in his own right rather than relying solely on production placements as a measure of his artistry’s quality.

Listen to “tender” below:

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