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Rose May Alaba MORE videoIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we would like to introduce you to upcoming artist Rose May Alaba and her brand new single and video titled “MORE”.

Rose May Alaba Drops Captivating New Music Video for Hit Single “MORE”

Rose May Alaba has released the highly anticipated music video for her latest single “MORE.” Since its release in March, “MORE” has been a dominant force on playlists worldwide, offering a vibrant fusion of Afrohouse and pop that perfectly captures the essence of summer with its infectious beat and catchy hook.

Directed by the visionary Leroy Uwaifo, the music video for “MORE” is a visual feast that enhances the song’s bold and energetic spirit. Uwaifo masterfully combines captivating choreography, emotive close-ups, and stunning visual effects to bring the song’s thematic story to life. The video delves into the universal themes of longing and obsession, portraying Rose May Alaba in various compelling scenes. At times, she’s seen frantically typing at computer screens, stalking her lover, while in other scenes, she floats weightlessly, visually mirroring the painstaking feeling of waiting for a reply.

Rose May Alaba shared her excitement about the video, saying, “I love creating music videos. With the new music video for my single ‘MORE,’ I tapped into a new world. I have never done a video that requires that much VFX and CGI. I can say it was a success, and I love the outcome of it. The video has more of a colder vibe to it, which should also enhance the feeling when it comes to the lyrics of the song. Of course, we had to add a little bit of choreography as well, because after all, this song just makes you wanna dance.”

A Journey Rooted in Rhythm

Born and raised in the culturally rich streets of Vienna, Austria, Rose May Alaba’s musical journey is a testament to the power of diverse influences. With a Nigerian father and a Filipino mother, Rose May’s life has been a blend of vibrant cultural rhythms and traditions, which she effortlessly channels into her music. From an early age, her talent was unmistakable, drawing inspiration from her Nigerian heritage and European upbringing to create a sound that transcends borders.

Rose May Alaba’s career has been marked by numerous achievements, including writing and performing the unified theme song for the Special Olympics 2017, “Can You Feel It.” This milestone showcased her commitment to using her music for meaningful causes. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with some of the industry’s most acclaimed producers, such as Chopstix, Young Jonn, Andre Vibes, and Blaise Beats. Their creative synergy has resulted in chart-topping hits like “Lemonade,” “IBADI (Waist),” and the 2023 hit “Lockdown.”

Notably, Rose May’s debut single “Love Me Right” catapulted her to fame, reaching #1 on the Austrian iTunes Charts. Each new release sees her inviting listeners into her unique sonic world, where resilience, love, and empowerment are intertwined with her signature Afrobeat flair.

Don’t Miss Out!

As the release date approaches, fans and music lovers alike are eagerly awaiting the debut of the “MORE” music video. With its dynamic visuals, innovative effects, and Rose May Alaba’s unmistakable charisma, the video is set to be a summer sensation. Be sure to tune in this Friday to experience the magic of “MORE” and join Rose May Alaba on this exciting new chapter of her musical journey.

Listen and watch below:

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