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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Shyeta – “Violet”

Shyeta VioletIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Shyeta and her brand new single titled “Violet”.

The incredible Shyeta releases the sensual and sexy video to her brand new single, “Violet”. With playful lyricism and intelligent hooks, Shyeta showcases her outstanding vocals which cut through the RnB infused instrumentation like butter. “Violet” has an energy of release; to be played when seeking a vibey atmosphere, in the tub, or in the car, just zone out. The vibrations help clear negative energy from the chakras, specifically the heart and third eye, according to Shyeta. Reminiscent of neo-soul giants such as Alicia Keys and Ari Lennox, this release is for those who wish for a bit of soul in their music.
Shyeta began singing at the young age of 4. At age 17, she moved to Atlanta to follow her dreams. She recorded her first EP under Massive Hustle Records, based out of Boston, MA.. At age 18, she enrolled in college as a music major and graduated as a performance major, with a concentration in musical theatre. Shyeta’s music is her own therapy release, which is what makes her records so relatable. Her voice is raw and uncut, even leaving in non-perfect notes so you get a realistic idea of her emotion – making her music all the more real and perfectly passionate. 

Listen below:

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