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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Sir J.Emmanuels – “4UR Birthday”

Sir J.Emmanuels 4UR Birthday

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Sir J.Emmanuels and his brand new single titled “4UR Birthday”.

From the artist that brought us plenty of remarkable singles across 2022 including “Ricky” and “Insecure” is the latest feel-good track “4UR Birthday” – a dedication from Sir J.Emmanuels to his girlfriend for her special day. He describes how he set out to give her a ‘cheesy’ present this year and what could be better than her own song, brought to Emmanuel’s audience on her actual birthday! The beat, bought from producer Blurry Shine, provides an infectious backing with a deep, driving HipHop rhythm section paired with layered synth melodies to be idyllically completed by Sir J.Emmanuels’ incessantly catchy lyrics; the chorus, in particular, will be reverberating round your head for hours on end. ‘I started writing a few lines then before I knew it I had the chorus and the verses, everything connected really well.’ With its radiant, positive vibes and undeniable danceability, “4UR Birthday” is certainly not a track to miss out on.

“4UR Birthday” comes with a chill beat, some cool vocals and dope vibes. The hook is really catchy and this song will be a perfect fit for your late night playlists.

Listen below:

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