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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: SoTrap – “Street Bro”

SoTrap Street BroIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist SoTrap and his brand new single titled “Street Bro”.

“Street Bro” is the debut track from rising Nigerian artist SoTrap, unveiling a collection of life stories and lessons imparted along his journey. Written to motivate himself and those around him, the track speaks about those that look out for you during times of struggle, and thanks to them, emerging stronger from all the hardship.

Listeners can expect a soothing Trap flavoured beat alongside SoTrap’s warm vocals and captivating melodies. “Street Bro” fuses Hip Hop and Afropop for a truly addicting feeling throughout. Now discoverable on all streaming platforms, this track represents a promising start for SoTrap.

The combination of the bouncing production, catchy hook and dope vibes makes “Street Bro” the perfect record for your weekend playlist.

Listen below:

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