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In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist TEF XL and his brand new single titled “B.O.W”.

After topping the Shazam charts in 2022 with three of his latest tracks; “Say Less,” “RNR” and “Deuces,” TEF XL, crowned ‘the realest rapper in the game,’ unveils first track, “B.O.W” (body of work) off much-anticipated upcoming album CODE SWITCH.

TEF XL announces the imminent release of his latest track titled “B.O.W.” This latest song sees the established artist share his original and authentic journey as a young street entrepreneur who rises above the streets, but at a cost. An empowering track, “B.O.W” is all about hard work, passion, persistence and inalterable motivation.

His audio-biographical approach to music is set to attract millions of listeners in search for real, raw, and straightforward artists.

A clear sign of greatness lies in TEF XL’s ability to bridge between conscious rap, melodic lines, dramatic yet energetic narratives, all the while incorporating other genres like r&b and neo-soul into his final mix.

2022 has marked a major year for the rapper, in terms of the recognition displayed by his fans, with “Say Less,” “RNR,” and “Deuces,” topping the Shazam charts in the United States. Marking the culmination of years of dedication to his craft, this achievement also symbolizes the beginning of a new era for the artist’s career.

Best described as Southern Funk over Hard Hitting 808s, “B.O.W” is home to a mixture of synth keys, bass, organs, horns and electric guitars layered over a banging beat. A classic southern sound reminiscent of UGK & Outkast with enough bounce to keep your head nodding.

Listen and watch below:

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