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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Troy Javelona – “For You”

Troy Javelona For You EP streamIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we would like to introduce you to upcoming artist Troy Javelona and his brand new EP titled For You.

Plymouth’s Alt-R&B Sensation Continues to Captivate with Latest Release

With over five million streams on Spotify alone, Troy Javelona, the rising alt-R&B star from South West England, is back with a brand-new EP, For You. Known for his infectious track “Go Away”, which went viral on TikTok, Javelona has been steadily building a reputation with his unique brand of ‘loverboy-indie’. Set to make waves once again, For You is the latest addition to his heavily-streamed discography, officially released on the 31st of May.

A Deep Dive into ‘For You’

For You is a showcase of Troy Javelona’s signature alternative R&B sound, brimming with dynamic guitar riffs, catchy hooks, and rich harmonies. The EP opens with the vibrant and energetic “Call Me”, setting the tone for the emotional exploration that follows. Each of the six tracks delves into the complexities of navigating relationships, capturing both the euphoria and the heartache of being in love. The EP concludes with the soulful slow jam “Letting Go”, leaving listeners in a reflective state.

Working from his bedroom studio, Javelona’s hands-on approach to creating this EP has allowed him to infuse a deeply personal touch into every track. “Creating this EP from my bedroom has allowed me to authentically explore my experiences and emotions. The bedroom is my safe space where I can truly be myself,” Troy shared.

A Rising Star in the Alt-R&B Scene

Despite having debuted only last year, Troy Javelona is rapidly establishing his place in the alternative R&B scene. Originally from London, Javelona relocated to the coastal town of Plymouth, bringing with him a rich musical heritage. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Tom Misch, Dominic Fyke, Steve Lacey, and alt-R&B legend Daniel Caesar, Javelona’s fresh take on alt-R&B traditions has been making waves across the indie scene globally.

At just twenty-one years old, Troy Javelona has already accumulated over five and a half million streams on Spotify. His breakthrough came with the viral TikTok video featuring “Go Away”, a track from his debut EP Love, which has garnered over 2 million views. This viral success has earned Javelona a dedicated following, demonstrating the power of social media in unearthing and promoting great music.

A Personal and Authentic Touch

Following his initial success, Javelona has released a series of singles under his self-described ‘loverboy-indie’ genre. As an independent artist, he writes, records, and produces all his music from his bedroom, ensuring each track is imbued with authenticity and personal flair. Characterized by intricate rhythms and emotive melodies, his music resonates with listeners worldwide, with the highest number of monthly listeners hailing from the US and Bangkok.

Troy Javelona’s new EP For You is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a heartfelt journey through the landscape of love, crafted with care and passion from his own personal space. As he continues to carve out his niche in the alt-R&B scene, For You is poised to solidify his status as one of the genre’s most promising new artists.

Be sure to stream For You on all major platforms and join Troy Javelona on his musical journey.

Listen to the full project below:

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