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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Class1o1 – “Pop Chartz”

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to Class1o1 and his latest single titled “Pop Chartz”.

Class1o1 has that refreshing new sound & feel, but still familiar enough to love immediately. His mix of witty lyrics, with flows & melodic energy, all aiming to inform & entertain, will be put amongst the elite right away! Being a song writer of all genre’s, he uses his ability to switch topics & emotions with his chameleon style on all his creations. None spared on this current body of work!

“Pop Chartz” is his first single released is a┬áRoar of a record, very clever & commanding song & style, with complimentary solid production! Now 2 months into it’s release, the record has picked up quickly and is starting to gain its rightful ears. Class decided to put out a teaser release of a cool song called “Where Da Photoz” (Hook Only), a concept driven record inspiring the social media #Challenge: #WhereDaPhotozChallenge (Go Check It Out)! It looks like Class1o1 is gonna keep his wavy going, we think he has another hit on his hands!

Listen below:

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