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Jeezy – “I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget” [Album]

Jeezy I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget album streamAfter announcing it earlier this week, Jeezy has released his double album I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget. It comes with 29 songs and no listed features.

After being signed to Def Jam for nearly 20 years, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum recording artist Jeezy announces his departure from the label in tandem with his first release through his label CTE New World, in partnership with Stem Distribution.

I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget, is a powerful double album that delves into the topics and people that have shaped him both personally and professionally. I Might Forgive… includes production from ATL Jacob, Ricky Polo, Cubeatz, Hendrix & more, while “But I Don’t Forget” is produced entirely by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

On both albums, Jeezy reflects on the trauma, obstacles, and personal growth he has experienced on his journey to stardom, success, and independence. Following the release of his New York Times bestselling memoir, “Adversity for Sale,” Jeezy embraced therapy as a vital tool for understanding his trauma and charting a path forward in life.

Musically, Jeezy continues this powerful message to his devoted fans, encouraging them to persevere on their own journeys and strive to be the best versions of themselves while using his life and experience as the foundation for healing. With I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget, Jeezy vulnerably invites fans to join him on a transformative musical journey.

Listen to the full project below:

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