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Joyner Lucas – “Seventeen” [Video]

Joyner Lucas SeventeenAfter delaying his new studio album, Joyner Lucas has decided to give his fans a new single. The song is titled “Seventeen”.

UPDATE: The video is out now!

Seventeen” is a masterful sampling flip of Mac Miller’s 2011 smash hit “Donald Trump” and serves as the New England native’s way of paying homage to the late-great rapper. Joyner starts off the song’s intro with a “Rest In Peace Mac Miller” shoutout. 

“The first time I ever heard Mac Miller was the Donald Trump record,” Joyner said. “Soon as I heard the sample and what he did to it, I immediately became a fan. That beat was one of my favorite samples ever. Me being able to use that sample and flip it my own way and pay homage to Mac Miller at the same time is dope. I wish he was around to hear it. Reflecting back to when I was seventeen, it’s crazy to see that I’m making my childhood dreams come true. I’m just trying to inspire others through my music the same way Mac did.” 

Not Now, I’m Busy was supposed to drop on August 18th, but Joyner had to delay it to a yet unknown date due to several clearance issues.

Listen and watch below:

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