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Killer Mike – “HUMBLE ME” [Video]

Killer Mike HUMBLE ME videoKiller Mike is back with some fresh music! On his new single “HUMBLE ME”, the rapper opens up about his arrest during the Grammy awards. It comes with an accompanying video.

Killer Mike, celebrated as one of hip hop’s greatest lyricists, has opened up about his recent arrest following his Grammy win through a new song titled “HUMBLE ME”.

After clinching Best Rap Album and two other awards at the prestigious event, Killer Mike was arrested on February 4, 2024. In “HUMBLE ME”, he pours out his emotions about that night and the surrounding events.

The track is a heartfelt memoir, reflecting on Mike’s relationship with God and his journey to success. He shares, All my heroes have been cuffed and mishandled in some way. I just thanked God in that moment of being Daniel in the lion’s den. I came out of the jailhouse in the pouring rain to my wife waiting for me, lit a joint, celebrated a bit and then woke up and got the news about my son’s kidney.” This acknowledgment of blessings amid challenges is central to the song.

Mike recalls his determination to continue his craft despite the setback: “I was in the studio the very next day. I’m as inspired as ever and I’m just following the music at this point.” The monochrome music video for “HUMBLE ME” visually represents this journey, showing Mike adorned with jewels that are gradually stripped away by anonymous hands.

A poignant moment in the video features Mike with his son, Pony Boy, who successfully received a kidney transplant. “I believe that humility and worship granted me God’s grace in the face of that test, and I believe my son receiving his kidney was a blessing from God,” Mike reflects.

Looking ahead, Mike plans to explore more personal themes in his next album, which will serve as an epilogue to his last album, MICHAEL. Interestingly, he returned to the Peacock Theatre in LA, the site of his arrest, to receive another accolade—Album of the Year for “MICHAEL”—just a day before releasing “HUMBLE ME”.

Currently, Killer Mike is on an international tour called “Down By Law,” featuring The Mighty Midnight Revival choir. This tour acts as a victory lap, promoting his new project and concluding the MICHAEL era. He hints at addressing his arrest in the upcoming album, expected to release this summer.

Check out the new track and video below:

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