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NEW MUSIC: R. Kelly – “The Last Man Standing” + “Better Than You” + “How Do I Tell”

While R. Kelly is still in jail while awaiting trial, two previously unreleased songs from the R&B artist have surfaced on the internet. The tracks are titled “The Last Man Standing” and “Better Than You”.

UPDATE: A third song called “How Do I Tell” just surfaced.

Listen to all three songs below. As a bonus, the full version of “Fuck Y’all” – of which we heard a snippet back in 2013 – is also included:


  1. Trappstarr Trigg
    Trappstarr Trigg June 9, 2020

    My dude Kellz is a blessed man. Skilled, talented! Anything he touches has potential to go platinum. I’m feeling these newly surfaced songs. “Better Then You” shows his versatility in music. I believe that he will make it thru this ordeal of his and when he does his song he write in 2013 titled “Fuck Y’all” will be current🤣for the haters and for those who doubted. Keep ya head held up Kellz. Your light is still shinning my brother. God Bless You.

  2. Macdime
    Macdime June 9, 2020

    And they want to mute someone that’s hasn’t even been convicted. I will always play R Kelly music. That man is innocent

  3. Jane Doe
    Jane Doe June 9, 2020

    I’m hoping he pulls through this mess. If he was white. He would have never saw a prison cell. You Elvis who married a 13 year old. You have another white artist who married his 13 year old cousin. But yall had nothing to say about that and they never saw a jail cell and people still bought they music. Im not say what he has been charged with is ok. Because it’s not but because he has money. Yall want to come for this man. But most of those girls said they parents or aunts or whoever. Pushed them towards that man. Smh. Hold the parents accountable as well.

    • Big dog
      Big dog June 9, 2020

      If that shit was happening like they say it was they would have been put his black ass in jail but if all that shit was going on ,well put all them fuckers in jail who knew about it including tha parents and tha surrounding people’s who where there and didn’t call tha police about it all of them people was thinking about tha money, FREE R Kelly

      • Michelle Miller
        Michelle Miller June 10, 2020

        I’m saying free R Kelly. I DO agree with you about charging ALL of them. I’m also not saying that ALL the females are being truthful. I DO believe that he was with young girls and he should be accountable for that. Even if the parents pretty much, sold their daughters to him, he knew what he was doing and he also know he was wrong. For GOD sake, he has a daughter. But all in all , every single adult that helped and knew about this, should be in jail and tried as well. JMO #beblessed#stayhealthly

  4. Capone1599
    Capone1599 June 9, 2020

    It’s funny how they always find our people guilty before we even have a trial. Where has white people arnone to commit similar Acts and they go on in to be praised for example like Elvis who also married underage female but they still praise him and his music to this day. To me it seems awfully funny how these young women or girls I pushed it onto this man by their parents but as soon as they careers don’t work out and as soon as the money run out all of a sudden there’s this major movement to kill this man’s legacy life and Future. If he’s found guilty than it is what it is punishment his do but this man hasn’t even seen a courtroom yet and they’ve already convicted him. He is a musical genius and to all these artist oak Lane they would never promote his music all these radio station in music platforms to say they’ll never play his music I hope they realize that takes a large amount of music off the platform since this genius has written for hundreds of artists and made thousands of hits throughout his career not only for himself but for others. So don’t punish music lovers from the music. Kelly’s music should last forever, regardless of what after his trial

  5. Quinnton
    Quinnton June 9, 2020

    And free melly 2

    • Joe charles
      Joe charles June 10, 2020

      Shut the fuck up, dumb mothafucka! Do you realize how stupid you sound. Niggas always makin excuses for the wrong they do. Fuck you!

  6. Jennifer B.
    Jennifer B. June 10, 2020

    Only God can judge him no matter what people say God is still alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end who is me that he should judge another human being for his fault some more than others as Jesus said in his word anyone who finds fault that them first cast the first stone I pray for you including R.Kelly to be free of all his demons in Jesus mighty name amen amen may God have mercy on all of us the righteous and the unrighteous in Jesus name amen!

    DIALLO June 10, 2020

    Is so sad to see this legend going to jail i hope one day he will b free/ free kelly is innocent

  8. Ebahne
    Ebahne June 10, 2020

    Free R Kelly…INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY…

  9. Girl Wonder
    Girl Wonder June 10, 2020

    R. Kelly is Innocent. These girls and their parents were hoping and looking for fame and money. They were willing to give up their bodies hoping that was going to make a difference and when they saw that RK had the coochie coming at him from all directions they got mad because they realized that it didn’t mean anything to him.
    Don’t you sorry women know that. ALL the coochie feel the same with your eyes close. Word of advice….next time get in his heart before you let him in you pants. R. Kelly or any man.

  10. Phillip Marcus Tyner
    Phillip Marcus Tyner June 10, 2020

    We just did an interview with R. Kelly’s A&R Executive and he said there is a vault with over 40,000 unreleased songs that he has access too. Da Whateva Podcast Exclusive.

  11. Inno
    Inno June 11, 2020

    Free the man, Kells is the king of RnB and the man’s music is exquisite.
    War is not the answer. What are these people trying to prove, they certainly won’t get any Cash from prison.

  12. Darrius
    Darrius June 11, 2020

    I just hope R. Kelly is benefiting from all this newly released music coming out not somebody just leaking music of his without him knowing.

  13. Morgan Yilo
    Morgan Yilo July 2, 2020

    I always believed in R.kelly, now is the time for King of Rn’B to be freed, He deserve freedom like anyone of us. Merely God can judge him, how possible a man destroyed by our opinions? Let the legend be release and continue with the beautiful music. His music heals our souls and the therapy to most of us. We will persist to invite him in our prayers.
    Robert Sylvester Kelly South Africa loves you supererogatory.

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